Intellectus for Non-Profits

Non-profit institutions require data analysis and reporting to apply for grants, fundraising, and to document changes in charitable giving. Intellectus Statistics supports quantitative research within these institutions with program evaluation analyses, charting of expenditures, and presenting scholarly reporting of activities.


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Non-Profit Example

A non-profit was seeking to understand their website users’ experience, what they attended to, and whether they were serving their users by measuring how many clients filled out their Contact Us form. They decided to conduct an A/B test. One webpage had images of real clients and text (test A) and the other webpage had only text (test B). Using Intellectus Statistics power analysis functionality, they determined they needed a sample size of 88-page forms filled-out to conduct the A/B test, and to conduct a Ch-square Goodness of Fit test. They found that Image-text resulted in 66 contacts compared to just 22 in the text only condition. Intellectus found statistically significant frequency differences, X2 (1) = 22.00, p < 001. There was more Image-text Contact us than expected, and fewer Text-only Contact us than expected. With this intelligence, the non-profit decided to use Image-text in all of their webpages going forward.

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