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What data analysis tool innovation helps students improve statistics learning outcomes? How does step-by-step guidance and tips help novice learners build the scaffolding to master information? How can cognitive load be reduced by eliminating distracting information? How can repetition boost encoding, retrieval, and statistical understanding? 

Schedule your demo see how Intellectus addresses these needs. At a minimum, you’ll take away best practices to improve statistics learning, with or without Intellectus. You’ll also take away a free trial account to evaluate for yourself distinctions in scaffolding, cognitive load, and statistical knowledge retention.  

The Intellectus solution includes:

  • Interactive analysis selection feature that lay-researchers can easily use to determine what statistical test to use.
  • Data management with context-sensitive help.
  • Statistical description of the findings in plain English to support interpretation of the analyses.
  • A findings report, tables, and references in APA 7th style.
  • Power analyses help for each statistical test for users to select the correct sample size for their analysis.
  • Collaboration features make sharing of the data, graphs, and notes simple and real-time.