Doctorate of Nurse Practice

The Intellectus Statistics DNP homepage serves as a hub for the provision of tools, training, and courses tailored to meet the needs of students enrolled in professional practice programs. Recognizing that students pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree may not possess a background in statistics, Intellectus Statistics has developed a comprehensive suite of resources to facilitate the acquisition of quantitative reasoning skills and the ability to successfully execute scholarly projects.

Enhancing Scholar-Practitioner Capabilities: A Study of Doctor of Nursing Practice Students

The utilization of Intellectus in scholarly projects among Doctor of Nursing Practice students has been found to greatly facilitate the completion of such projects, with a marked increase in efficiency and ease of use. Specifically, the application of Intellectus has been reported to result in a significant increase in the speed of data analysis by a factor of 10. This is attributed to the tool’s design, which is tailored to the needs of non-statistician. The application offers a wide range of features that provide essential support for data analysis, including APA 7th edition formatted results, built-in instructional videos, a comprehensive user manual, group consulting options, glossaries of terms, and scroll-over explanations. As a result, students who utilize Intellectus are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to both conduct and consume research, thereby enhancing their professional capabilities upon graduation.

The Intellectus Support Program

Facilitating Faculty Research Success Through Comprehensive Training and Assistance

The Intellectus tool and course are accompanied by a comprehensive faculty training and research support program, which provides guidance on incorporating the software and curriculum into existing syllabi and assists with the identification and acquisition of relevant datasets and resources. Additionally, the program offers extensive assistance in utilizing the tool to analyze data, ensuring that users can maximize the full potential of the software. Furthermore, Intellectus is committed to providing exceptional customer support and technical assistance, which serves to ensure that users can derive the maximum benefit from the tool and course. This comprehensive support system aims to enable educators and researchers to effectively integrate the tool and course into their teaching and research practices. 

Supporting Scholarly Excellence: Resource Collection for DNP Students and Faculty

In addition to providing a comprehensive suite of tools and training, Intellectus Statistics has also meticulously compiled a collection of resources to assist DNP students and faculty in identifying relevant datasets, gaining assistance with literature reviews, connecting with research networks, and accessing professional development opportunities. These resources are intended to support the development of their statistical literacy and research capabilities, and help them successfully execute scholarly projects.

In summary, Intellectus Statistics provides a comprehensive suite of resources, including tools, training, and courses, tailored to meet the needs of students enrolled in professional practice programs, particularly those pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. We invite statistics faculty, DNP program directors, and deans to schedule a demonstration to experience the full range of capabilities available with Intellectus Statistics.

Utilization of Intellectus in Scholarly Research and Adoption by Institutional Customers

The literature on data analytics in scholarly research demonstrates a substantial utilization of Intellectus as a preferred tool for data analysis. A plethora of peer-reviewed articles, including numerous nursing studies, have employed Intellectus as a means of analyzing their data. Furthermore, the tool has been adopted by a wide range of universities, with over 110 institutions and over 51,000 students and faculty utilizing Intellectus Statistics. These institutions span a broad spectrum of higher education, including notable universities such as Arizona State University and the University of Maryland.

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