Intellectus for Commercial Use

Intellectus Statistics is a technological innovation to current day data analyses, patented in 2016 (US9792283B2). Tens of thousands of users and over 100 organizations and institutions have adopted Intellectus to forward the quality and efficiency of their data analysis processes. Reliably hosted by AWS, quality of software, security, and customer service are our highest achievements and overseen by a mature management team. 

Intellectus is a fundamental breakthrough in data analyses for your data analyst enthusiasts, providing technology as a strategic opportunity for companies to leap forward (ahead of competition) by substituting an innovative solution to data analyses reporting for legacy software. With Intellectus, you can expect an order of magnitude in quantitative analysis efficiency improving ROI. 

Want new information on an obvious data analysis software choice? You’ll see that Intellectus Statistics competes favorably with SPSS and others, and rises above by providing packaged for print-ready, interpret output in English prose. Learn how Intellectus rigorously analyzes data and creates reports in seconds.


$125 / month

  • Eliminates the need hire a data scientist to analyze quantitative data.
  • Ensures that analyses are validly analyzed and accurately interpreted.
  • Interpreted output saves time in drafting reports
  • Print-ready document takes the grunt work out of making tables and figures

Commercial Example

A real estate attorney’s client could not get approval to build a second unit on his Silicon Valley property. What the attorney noticed was that the proportion of minority clients were getting refused at a higher rate than the white population in that county and he reached out to Intellectus Statistics for help.

Within a few minutes the Intellectus team understood the issue, told the attorney the kinds of data necessary to perform a comparison test of approvals and denials for each ethnic group. Intellectus Statistics then guided the attorney to conduct a chi-square or test of proportion to examine if there is a statistical difference by group. Intellectus Statistics conducts these tests in minutes, interprets the output in English prose, and references the document. The report will be presented to the City Council for reconsideration.

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