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Built for the non-statistician, Intellectus is a powerful statistical application that helps researchers and data analysts improve the rigor of their analyses. Our patented technology includes automated test assumptions, over 50 analyses, and the efficiency of those analyses with interpreted output in plain English prose in seconds. Intellectus provides your organization with a better ROI, not only in reduced time drafting reports and ensuring accuracy, but also by reducing the cost of legacy software by 30% Р60%.

The Intellectus solution includes:

  • Interpreted description of the findings in plain English prose in an editable Word document.
  • Wide breadth of parametric and non-parametric analyses, from chi-square tests to structural equation modeling.
  • Data management with context-sensitive help.
  • Power analyses for each statistical test ensuring analysts choose the correct sample size for their analysis.
  • Built-in video tutorials for each test.
  • Google-like collaboration makes the sharing of the data, figures, and output simple and real-time.

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