The 2022 ACEN Nursing Education Accreditation Conference is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together the innovators, front line workers, educators, administrators, students, and others in nursing education to form a community of scholarship, exchange ideas, and keep current with contemporary practices in nursing education. This year’s conference takes place in Atlanta, GA July 13-15, 2022.

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Intellectus Statistics is proud to exhibit at this year’s ACEN Nursing Accreditation Conference. Stop by booth 305 to learn more about what we offer, schedule a demo, or to discuss our Introductory Statistics Course. This customizable 50-lesson course replaces expensive textbooks and easily integrates into your LMS with embedded videos, interactive lessons, competency-based knowledge checks, and free faculty training.

Invest 30-minutes to take away knowledge of the best-fit student data analysis technology, your 1-month trial, and quantitative support for your own research.

Faculty who attend the demo say “where was Autodrafting technology during my dissertation?” It’s simply a must-have for social and health sciences students.