Statistics Platform for Non-Statisticians

Intellectus Statistics not only conducts analyses and provides raw output, but dynamically interprets statistical findings and presents results in plain English.

Interpreted Output

Intellectus Statistics interprets the statistical assumptions and analysis findings, and generates tables and figures that correspond to the assumptions and output.

Logical User Interface

Intellectus Statistics™ walks students through a logical step-by-step process that is sequential and easy, enabling deep understanding of statistical concepts.

Interesting Data Visualization

The plots included in the tool are much more interesting and interactive than most plotting platforms, helping to motivate students to engage with their data.

Project Sharing

Share your project (data, plots, and analyses) with any other user. Once shared, users can edit projects and their edits and notes can be seen by everyone in the shared group.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a world-class, context-sensitive, statistical analysis tool. We strive to improve understanding by placing content in context at every step of the data analysis process. Intellectus Statistics is comprehensive in functionality, superior in user-friendliness, and very affordable. Intellectus Statistics will continue to meet the global needs of students, faculty, and administrators.

Key Features

  • Natural-language output
  • Reduces statistics anxiety
  • Preloaded assumptions
  • Level of measurement reminders
  • Preloaded post-hoc tests
  • Automated dummy code
  • Automated glossary generation
  • APA formatted references
  • Editable APA tables
  • Unlimited activations
  • Analysis decision tree
  • Power analysis
  • Web-based
  • Customizable analysis options
  • Stata, SPSS, SAS, & Excel file support


Intellectus is a statistics program for the non-statistician. What makes us different is that we present results in plain English, combine common research needs in one place, and provide statistical support to users. We are the only program that interprets the data and presents the results in sentences that make sense to the non-statistician. Intellectus’ user-friendly features include an interactive decision tree, data plans, power analyses, guides and videos, and context-sensitive help right where you need it. We are the only statistics software that provides live experts to help users prepare and analyze data.

Save Time

Saves student and faculty time and produces output in seconds.

Easy to Use

Allows even novice users to produce publishable quantitative results.

Web-based Learning Tool

Works with any operating system, with no software to download.

"Intellectus Statistics has been an incredibly valuable resource. I find the easy to follow explanations of each specific statistical test utilized to be extremely beneficial for my graduate students as they move from data collection to data analysis."

John P. Maye, PhD, CRNA

Professor/Pain Management Education Coordinator

USF College of Nursing

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