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Statistics Software for the Non-Statistician

Intellectus Statistics is a comprehensive, simple-to-use statistics app. Our patented AutoDrafting technology drives this simplicity by automatically drafting a written interpretation of the statistical output. Students, faculty, and researchers can now conduct analyses and interpret statistical output without requiring statistician-level training. The interpreted, editable Word output is presented in plain English prose, and the tables, figures, and references formatted in APA 7th style. Intellectus entirely replaces clunky legacy programs and finally makes the conducting, interpreting, and reporting of analyses accessible to non-statistician users.


Statistical competence is a core skill for those in education, and many other industries. We make data analytics easy and accessible.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer a superior, context-sensitive, statistical analysis platform. We strive to improve understanding by placing content in context in the service of not only analyzing data and reporting results, but of greatly enhancing comprehension. Intellectus Statistics’ AutoDrafting technology is comprehensive in functionality, superior in user-friendliness, and very affordable. The demands of quantitative researchers and students around the world will continue to be met by Intellectus Statistics.


With its Autodrafting technology, Intellectus helps those who are not statisticians. Autodrafting technology provides students a tool necessary to understand statistics in their courses too. With this support, the emphasis can shift from learning a tool to understanding what the data is saying.

To achieve these goals, we incorporate a variety of user-friendly elements into Intellectus’ technology, including an interactive decision tree, data plan templates, power analysis templates, guides and videos, and context-sensitive help that appears just when it is needed. The only statistics platform that provides live statisticians to assist users with data preparation, analysis, and reporting is Intellectus Statistics.

Learn more about Intellectus Statistics

We’d love to introduce you to Intellectus, and show you how our innovative statistical platform will benefit your organization. So, take a few moments to request more information, and a customer success representative will reach out to you to schedule a demo. Keep your eye out for Intellectus Qualitative © in 2023.