Statistics Software for the Non-Statistician

Intellectus Statistics exists to teach people how to easily conduct analyses and communicate results, which will enable them to advance their organizations, forward their careers, and benefit communities.

What we do and who we serve:  At Intellectus, we package for underprepared community college students, undergrads, non-statistician administrators, professional doctorate students, and R1 researchers without time, courses and a data analysis tool to make learning, data analysis, and results presentation easier.

Passionate:  We are committed to assisting these niches so they can advance their personal and professional lives, and positively impact others’ lives.

Intellectus Staff:  In order to create and support these helpful products for the millions of higher education students in the US, Canada, and others around the world, Intellectus employs A+ employees who put in A+ effort.

Understanding students’ preparation and budget, faculty time-sink and publication needs, and department focus 

In creating the tool and course we considered three primary perspectives: Students, faculty, and the department.  Specifically, we sought to understanding students’ preparation and economics, faculty time-sink activities and publication needs, and the department focus.

Our Mission

If we do things right, instructors and mentors will feel supported in their activities of teaching statistics and overseeing student research.  Students, and faculty, will more easily learn, perform, and communicate their statistical findings.  We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.  We will continue to leverage R statistics packages, Amazon servers for infinite scalability, browser-anywhere accessibility, industry standard encryption security, engaging courses, and ease-of-use and usability in everything we do.


Graduate students independently perform analyses and report findings; undergrads develop quantitative reasoning skills; administrators and researchers in R1 institutions save time and more effectively benefit their institutions and communities.

Learn more about Intellectus Statistics

We’d love to introduce you to Intellectus, and show you how our innovative statistical platform will benefit your organization. So, take a few moments to request more information, and a customer success representative will reach out to you to schedule a demo. Keep your eye out for Intellectus Qualitative © in 2023.