Intellectus Statistics offers an easy to use resource to integrate IS into an introductory statistics or quantitative methods course.  Here’s a 5-Step idea to create a stats assignment.  This resource presents a template to create unique assignments using the raw output, interpreted output materials, and the data sets for significant results.

5-Steps to Create a Stats Assignment


To integrate Intellectus Statistics™ into coursework, use the following 5-steps to create an assignment.   Choose from among 24 statistical tests, use the practice dataset or use your own data.  Below is an example of how one could teach a chi-square test of independence statistic.

1. Provide the Intellectus  Statistics™ chi-square table and raw output.

x2 teacher

2.  (a) Have students write-up the null and alternative hypothesis.

     (b) Provide the students with the interpreted narrative (below) to fill-in blanks (Note: instructor can choose what information to delete).

     (c) Have student summarize the result of the study in 1 sentence.

Chi-Square Test of Independence Example

A Chi-Square Test of Independence was conducted to examine whether DxPre and DxPost were independent.  There were 2 levels in DxPre: ______ and ______.  There were 2 levels in DxPost: ______ and ______.  Prior to conducting the analysis, the assumption of adequate cell size was assessed, which requires all cells to have expected values greater than ______ and ______ % of cells to have expected values of at least ______.  All cells had expected values greater than zero, indicating the first condition was met.  A total of ______ of the cells had expected frequencies of at least five, indicating the second condition was met.

The results of the Chi-square test were not significant, χ2(__) = ____, p = ____, suggesting that DxPre and DxPost [are/are not] independent of each other.  This implies that the observed frequencies were [significantly/not significantly] different than the expected frequencies.

3. Let students validate their interpretation by providing Intellectus Statistics™ auto-generated write-up.

4. (a) Using new data, provide only the Intellectus Statistics chi-square table and raw output.  Have student write-up the entire findings narrative. (b) Have student summarize the result of the study in 1 sentence.

5. Provide students Intellectus Statistics™ auto-generated write-up to validate their work.



Data Sets For Significant Results

Click the link below to download. (Data on sheet one and analysis-variable matrix on sheet 2)

DNP dataset          EdD dataset

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