“Intellectus was clearly a data analysis tool that was superior to other options available. Faculty feedback included significant time savings and less frustration with repetitive corrections of the same programming mistakes. The use of Intellectus supported the growth and development of nurse practitioners with competencies in the skills necessary for the development of evidence-based practice. This year we are using Intellectus in our entry level graduate statistics class as well as expanding its inclusion in our upper division research courses, including the graduate projects. We have been very happy with the results.”

Elizabeth Heavey, PhD, RN, CNM

Graduate Program Director and Professor, Department of Nursing, College of Brockport, SUNY

Author, “Statistics for Nursing: A Practical Approach, 3rd ed.

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Proprietary Technology: Rigor and Accuracy

Intellectus Statistics’ proprietary software has a different approach to learning statistics and conducting data analyses that offer support to DNP students completing scholarly projects. Built-in assumptions assures that rigor in included in every analysis. The Autodrafting technology analyzes the output, delivering an interpretation that is accurate, in plain English prose, and in APA 7th edition style. 

DNP Quality Improvement Project Example

Scholarly-Practitioner Projects

DNP students using Intellectus complete their scholarly projects with much more ease and by a magnitude of (10x) faster. The tool was created for the non-statistician, scholar-practitioner. APA 7th edition results, built-in videos, user manual, group consulting, glossaries, and scroll-overs provide all the mission-critical support needed to analyze data effectively and efficiently. Students graduate with the ability to conduct and consume research. 

Published Work and Institutional Customers

Several hundred scholarly projects, and scores of nursing research in peer-reviewed articles, have used Intellectus as their data analytic tool. Over 110 universities and more than 43,000 students and faculty are using Intellectus Statistics. The universities range from Arizona State University to University of Maryland.