As programs are being forced to rapidly change to an online format, Intellectus Statistics is doing our part to ease that transition. Without access to statistics labs or faculty office hours, collaboration and teaching statistics is increasingly difficult. Here’s how Intellectus solves that problem.

Robust platform. Intellectus offers 50 statistical tests, test assumptions, and nine plots.

Web-based. Students and faculty can access from anywhere, no downloading required.

Easy project sharing. Real-time collaboration on your project. No need for multiple emails or document versions.

Easy to use. Found to be 75% more usable than SPSS, students and faculty can login and start using Intellectus right away to conduct analyses.

Easy Integration. We’ll put a link behind your portal allowing students and faculty to access the tool via SSO or immediately provide keys for you and your students.

VPAT compliant. Accessible to those with disabilities.

Pre-loaded data sets. We have multiple data sets built-in for practice. We also have a faculty dataset with a key indicating which variables yield significant results.

Teaching resources. Learn 5-steps to creating a stats assignment with Intellectus here.

YouTube channel. Our channel has video tutorials on conducting each statistical test in Intellectus. We are also adding extended videos that teaches the overall concepts of each test.

Free faculty training. Join us for a tutorial on the tool. It’s so easy to use, you’ll be using it like a pro after only a few minutes.

Support. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Call or email us any time and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

How To Get Started

Give us a call 888-383-6639 or reply to this email for faculty accessibility instructions or forward email to your IT department to get an institutional link.

Create a free account now, and reach out to us to upgrade to the full version.


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