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The Intellectus Statistics Resources is a set of supplements that goes hand-in-hand with the tool.  The resources contain interlocking components: Statistical consulting sessions, Instructor training, Data plan template for each statistical technique, Sample size write-up for each statistical technique,  and Teaching resource to create an assignment. Essentially, these supplements help students pick which test to conduct, determine how many participants or observations are needed for that test, provides a framework for articulating the data plan for that test, gives a tutorial visually demonstrating how to conduct the test, then students can practice writing up the results.

Statistical Consulting Sessions

Questions about your data plan, conducting analyses, or simply want to learn about Intellectus Statistics?  Join us for our drop-in consulting sessions and get the answers you’ve been searching for, learn from your peers, and get a tutorial on recently released features.  To register, visit the “Consulting Sessions” tab once logged-in to the application.

Monday Afternoon @ 1pm ET

Tuesday Morning @ 11am ET

Wednesday Evening @ 8:30pm ET

Thursday Evening @ 7pm ET

Friday Morning @ 10am ET

Instructor Training

Instructors teaching stats or research methods courses may need support with the ins and outs of Intellectus.  In these training sessions, instructors can walk through their syllabi to ensure that every part of their course outline has the necessary Intellectus components, and that instructors know the details of the output (e.g., how to interpret each plot). This training is free and done on a 1-on-1 basis. Just call 888-383-6639 or email to schedule a training day and time.

We are always adding instructional videos on our YouTube Channel. If there is a video you’d like us to make, send us an email to and we’ll get it uploaded ASAP.

The resources exemplify how to use Intellectus Statistics to create different homework assignments.  Different datasets are also available to use, edit, and keep.

This example data is on the first tab, and the second tab lists the selections you should input for significant results. Click here to download. Additional example data sets can be accessed within the application by selecting “Try and Example Project” in the upload data section.


Still have questions? No problem, we’d love to hear from you. You can call us 888-383-6639, or email us anytime!

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