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We know that Intellectus Statistics is a uniquely helpful statistics package, and after you use it, we know you’ll feel the same way!

Intellectus Statistics is the world’s first truly learner-centered, cloud-based statistics package that not only conducts analyses and provides raw output, but dynamically interprets statistical findings.  The output even contains APA-formatted tables and figures, glossary of terms, and APA references.

So, if you’re open to experiencing an easier, more learner-centered way to manage data and conduct basic analyses, sign-up for the Free version.

What will I receive?

By signing up you receive unlimited access to the suite of analyses below:

Data Visualization

Scatter Plot
Bubble Plot
Bar Plot
Line Plot
Box Plot
Pie Chart
Control Chart
Profile Plot

Desctiptive Analyses

Desctiptive Statistics


Shapiro-Wilk Test
Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
Univariate Outliers
Levene’s Test

Relationship Analyses

Kendall Correlation
Spearman Correlation

Differences-by-Group Analyses

One Sample t Test
Paired Samples z Test

Predictive Analyses

Binary Logistic Regression

Non-Parametric Analyses

Chi-Square goodness of Fit Test
Chi Square Test of Independence
Fisher’s Exact Test

Does it expire?

No, the free version is yours forever.


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