In today’s evidenced-based healthcare environment, healthcare organizations often have numerous research projects in different stages at any given time. Often hospital certifying bodies require a research component to their accreditation visit, with at least one open research study.  Intellectus Statistics significantly supports the valid planning and execution of quantitative research studies.

Accredited Hospitals

Accredited hospitals—Magnet, Joint Commission, HFAP, or DNV–have better performance and larger gains over time than non-accredited hospitals is not a surprise. Part of that success is the requirement of research. Accreditation agencies mandate healthcare organizations to measure, assess, and improve performance in planning, patient safety, patient mortality, and lower risk in areas of such as acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, pneumonia care, stroke, and pneumonia, to mention a few.  Better patient outcomes is the goal, and research studies help drive those innovation.

Whether you’re doing a quality improvement study or developing an instrument, our statistics software and consulting can help your team conduct reliable and valid studies.

Medical Education and Residency Programs

Those responsible for graduate medical education or directors overseeing residency programs often avail student and staff research opportunities.  Intellectus Statistics make quantitative analyses easier to conduct, more thorough in its rigor, and immediately print-ready when presenting.

Intellectus Benefits

Within the first few hours of using Intellectus, you can expect the following benefits:

Eliminates the need to be a statistician to analyze quantitative data.

Helps healthcare employees with busy workloads reduce the time to learn and use a statistics program.

Ensures that analyses are validly analyzed and accurately interpreted.

Print-ready document takes the grunt work out of making tables, figures, and adding references.

“Magnet’s emphasis of research and evidence-based practice enhances nursing excellence and improves patient care. The research component of Magnet engages nurses in finding solutions to problems, rather than simply identifying problems…every nurse a nurse researcher.  The research component is a great thing.”

–Cindy Sayre, PhD, RN, CNO at the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle

What We Offer

Intellectus Statistics.  Intellectus is a statistics program like no other. Built for the non-statistician, researchers simply select from a robust set of tests and add test variables, then Intellectus preloads assumptions, then interprets the assumptions and the statistical test. The program drafts the findings and references in plain English, producing a print-ready Word document. About 90% of the effort in reporting of the results is eliminated, and a recent study found it preferable and easier to use than other statistical programs.

Intellectus Research Toolkit.  The toolkit provides the researcher with professional support to execute their research. The 1-on-1 consulting services can expertly guide your teams’ methodology, survey design, data analyses, and other research related activities. The toolkit includes a 32-page study template identifying the sections of a study, and a poster template for researchers to easily plug their research into a format ready to present.

Intellectus Client Success Program.  Your success is our success. Therefore, we want to help your team every step of the way in their research. In our Success Program, we contact you every couple of weeks, then monthly, to make sure your research is moving along well.

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