What level of measurement should I choose for my analysis?


When your data is uploaded to the Intellectus Statistics™ application you should confirm your levels of measurement are as follows for each analysis:

Pearson Correlation: All variables are scale level of measurement

One way ANOVA: Independent variable is nominal level of measurement; dependent variable is scale

Independent samples t-test: Independent variable is a dichotomous nominal; dependent variable is scale

Dependent samples t-test:  both variables are scale

Chi-square: x variable (factor) is nominal; Y variable (factor) is nominal

Linear regression: Dependent variable is scale; predictor(s) scale, ordinal, or nominal

Mediation: Continuous or dichotomous categorical variable

Moderation: Continuous or dichotomous categorical variable

Reliability: All variables should be the same level of measurement with themselves (e.g., only ordinal variables used together)

Logistic regression: Independent variables are nominal or scale; dependent variable is dichotomous

Wilcoxon signed rank: Both variables are ordinal (or scale)

Mann Whitney U: Independent variable is dichotomous; dependent variable is ordinal (or scale)

Kruskal Wallis: Independent variable is nominal with three or more levels; dependent variable is ordinal (or scale)

Friedman Test: All variables are ordinal (or scale)

Repeated measures ANOVA: All variables are scale

One-within One between ANOVA: Independent variable is nominal; dependent variables are scale

ANCOVA: Independent variable is nominal; covariates are scale; dependent variable is scale

Two-Between ANOVA: Dependent variable is scale; independent variables are nominal