I think tool is too easy, I want my students to think, I’m afraid they’ll copy and paste, and it does too much.


Intellectus is the premier tool to learn about statistical analyses as faculty don’t waste time “teaching the tool” and students have numerous opportunities to learn how to interpret and write results with the AutoDrafting technology, and ample practice on “raw output” through example datasets, Intellectus’ Statistics Course, and test bank. In our view, the time to learn and think about statistics, and how to write, is not in the dissertation process, but rather in their statistics course. The statistics course, done well, will prepare them to independently write their quantitative dissertation (saving the faculty mentor about 4-5 hours/student).  Moreover, in the dissertation process, students use the tool and AutoDrafting to streamline their results chapter draft and to put into their own voice.  We’ve published all output with Turn-it-in to dissuade students from just pasting. The process of learning is in their statistics class and the time to accurately and rigorously draft results is in the dissertation process.