How do I register or unregister for a consulting session?


Consulting sessions provide you with a way to get support from one of our statisticians in a group setting. You can ask questions about your data plan, conducting an analysis, interpreting your results, or general questions about Intellectus Statistics.

Register for a Session

First, find the session for which you would like to sign-up. Be sure to look at the date and time of the consulting session. Once you have found a session that works for you, click the Register button on the right side of the table that corresponds to the session you would like to register. A modal will come up confirming that you have registered for the session. You will also receive an email with information about session and how to join the webinar.

Cancel Registration

Look for the session for which you have already signed-up. Once you find it, click the Register button. This will bring up a modal saying that you have already registered for this session, but there will be a link in the modal for you to unregister for the session. Click the link and you will be unregistered. You can also cancel your registration for the consulting session by going to the email sent to you with the information about the upcoming webinar. At the bottom of the email, click the cancel your registration link.