Can I upload an Excel file with multiple tabs/sheets?


Intellectus does not support uploading data spread out over multiple tabs in Excel. In order to have all your data upload, you will need to combine it all onto the first tab. There are two ways to do this depending on whether you have matched case data or independent samples.

Matched-Case Data

Matched-case data is when you have data for the same subjects in each group. Each observation will have a “Subject ID” that you could use to match rows across multiple samples. Combining matched-case data involves pasting the columns side-by-side and matching them by ID. Let’s say we have matched-case data for each month on a new tab. We can copy the columns of each tab and match up the “Subject IDs” and paste them in the data on the first tab. The end result will look something like this:

Independent Samples Data

If you have independent samples, where each observation is a different subject, you will need to create a grouping variable instead. Let’s go with the same example above, so we have some measurement by month, where each tab is a different month on independent samples. Putting the data onto one tab will look like this: