Welcome to the Intellectus Statistics Education homepage!  This page gives the CAOs, deans, directors, faculty, and CIOs an overview of problems and needs in statistics education, and how Intellectus Statistics might be the right solution for your institution or department.

The Problem of Statistical Competency

Statistical competence is a critical skill and statistics is a common course across disciplines. Yet in these courses there is a high failure rate impacting graduation rates. Further, students are commonly challenged learning statistics, it is a stressor and a predictor of intent to leave.

The Need for Students and Faculty

What do students and faculty need to develop these statistical competencies?  What they don’t need is to be a statistician, or even a programmer, which is what many other statistics platforms require.

What students and faculty do need is the ability to be able to make decisions about their analyses and interpret their results appropriately.

The Intellectus Statistics Solution

What tools and services are available to help students and faculty to improve statistics learning outcomes?  The Intellectus solution includes:

-Interactive analysis selection feature that lay-researchers can easily use to determine what statistical test to use.

-Data management with context-sensitive help.

-Statistical description of the findings in plain English to support interpretation of the analyses.

-A findings report, tables, and references in APA 7th style.

-Power analyses help for each statistical test for users to select the correct sample size for their analysis.

-Collaboration features make sharing of the data, graphs, and notes simple and real-time.

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