Group Consulting Sessions

During these sessions you will receive guidance for your project from a statistician. The fee is $50/session, and we limit the sessions to 6 attendees. To register for theses sessions, login to the application and click the Consulting Sessions option at the bottom of the left menu. During these sessions:

  • Share your project with an expert to receive guidance and feedback.
  • Watch demonstrations of data management tasks on your data.
  • Ask questions and receive guidance on selecting the appropriate analysis to accomplish your research goals.
  • Learn how to conduct and interpret analyses.
This is what to expect when attending the Group Consulting Sessions.

One-on-one Hourly Consulting

If you prefer to work directly with a statistician, we offer one-on-one hourly consulting. During these sessions you will work directly with your statistician to manage your data, conduct your analyses, and make sure you understand and can confidently explain your output. Hourly consulting rate starts at $250/hour.

Same-Day Results

We recognize the extensive time and effort you’ve invested in developing research questions and aims, developing a data plan, and collecting your data; allow us to propel you across the finish line. Leveraging three decades of expertise, we’re committed to analyzing your data and delivering APA-formatted results on the same day.

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