2024 Intellectus Risk-Free Pilot Study

Elevate Your Graduate Program’s Data Analysis, Rigor, and Efficiency

The Pilot’s objective is to assess whether graduate programs can appreciably enhance their data analysis, rigor, and efficiency by integrating Intellectus Statistics (IS), Intellectus Qualitative (IQ), and the Intellectus comprehensive courseware. This initiative aims to save time for both faculty and students, improve learning outcomes, increase satisfaction levels, and reduce overall costs at the university level.

Is your program a good fit?

We are looking for graduate programs with a minimum of 5 students in the dissertation/final project results phase.

Target Departments

  • DNP
  • EdD
  • AuD
  • DOT
  • DPT
  • DBA/DMgt
  • DPH
  • PhD in Exercise Science
  • DCN
  • DSW
  • DPC
  • PharmD
  • DCJ
  • PhD/PsyD
  • DPA

Express Your Interest

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Who is eligible to participate in the pilot study?

Answer: Graduate programs that offer doctorate and master’s degrees, serve as mentors for dissertation/scholarly projects, and require a statistics course are eligible. Target departments include DNP, EdD, AuD, DOT, DPT, DBA/DMgt, DPH, PhD in Exercise Science, DCN, DSW, DPC, PharmD, DCJ, PhD/PsyD, and DPA, and their master’s degrees.

What is the cost to participate in the pilot study?

Answer: There is a nominal administrative fee to cover access to Intellectus Statistics (IS), Intellectus Qualitative (IQ), all courseware, and faculty training. However, this fee is waived for institutions with funding constraints.

How will the pilot study be conducted?

Answer: The study will be conducted in three phases: initial data collection using existing tools, training on IS/IQ, and data collection using Intellectus tools. Meetings, training, and interviews will be conducted via Zoom.

What are the expected outcomes for participating universities?

Answer: The study aims to assess improvements in data analysis rigor and efficiency, time savings, enhanced learning outcomes, increased satisfaction levels, and reduced overall costs at the university level.

How will data be collected and analyzed?

Answer: Data collection will involve quantitative metrics such as efficiency, time savings, project rigor, and cost reductions, as well as qualitative metrics from student projects and faculty experiences. Surveys will be created by Intellectus360 and distributed online.  Intellectus will analyze this data and generate a detailed report for all stakeholders.

What happens after the pilot study?

Answer: Post-pilot, a decision-making process involving departmental stakeholders will evaluate the outcomes in comparison to current solutions to determine the potential for full-scale implementation.

How can my university express interest or sign up for the pilot study?

Answer: Universities can express their interest by filling out the form on our webpage or call us at 888-383-6639.

What support is available for participants during the pilot study?

Answer: Participants will receive comprehensive access to IS, IQ, and courseware, along with two 1-hour training sessions for faculty. Support will also be provided for integrating these tools with existing SSO and LMS platforms.

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