Intellectus Statistics is a very powerful statistics application that provides a platform where users can easily conduct statistical analyses and have an in-depth interpreted output in understandable English in seconds.  Additionally, we’ve added intuitive features: preloaded assumptions, post-hoc tests, APA tables, figures, are all built-in.   Glossaries, informative scroll-overs, and an editable Word document makes learning and editing simple.

Data collection continues to grow and unfortunately meaningful data analysis is too uncommon.  Therefore, our mission in the next 10 years is to become the world’s leader in statistical and reporting software.   From academia to appraisal adjusting, HR to healthcare, direct marketing to credit scoring, everyone needs to know what their data means.  Intellectus Statistics answers that need.

Meet The Team
James Lani, PhD
Founder & CEO
Melissa Moran
Jeanine Glase
VP Consulting
Marlen Jace Roberts
VP Software Development
Jameson Hale
Isaidys Davis
Justin DSouza
David Kovaz



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