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Intellectus is a word taken from Latin, meaning comprehension.  Intellectus Statistics™ software is an academic statistics tool that greatly enhances students’ comprehension of statistics and can accelerate candidates’ completion of their dissertation or thesis.  To achieve this greater understanding, the software’s main secret is simple: dynamically generate an accurate and reliable interpreted quantitative results document in English narrative.  This software assists faculty, graduate and undergraduate students to easily manage and impute data, dynamically visualize data, conduct a comprehensive range of analyses, presents raw output AND provides a print-ready report of findings in plain English with APA tables and figures.  Features such as pre-loaded statistical assumptions, APA references, scroll over tutorials, a glossary of terms, and real support, serve the needs of all students and professors alike.  But most importantly, students comprehend statistical analyses like never before.

While Intellectus Statistics™ software perfectly serves the statistical needs of users in any discipline, given the focus on real-world analysis skills, applied graduate program students, such as education and nursing, find the easily interpreted statistical output of particular use.  Intellectus Statistics™ is just one of the finest student-centered tools for users to make sense and meaning of their analyses.  Try the free version, you’ll see!

Our company views students and institutions as life-long partners.  Whether you’re enrolled or teaching an introductory or advanced statistics course, in a research methods seminar, you’re a dissertation and thesis student, chairperson or committee member, all of us seek an effective tool to transform raw data into accurately interpreted statistical analyses. When you contact us, you’ll really see how our statistical software company will meet you and your organization’s needs.

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“The California State University system has benefited substantially from doctoral candidates using Intellectus Statistics™ in their data analysis and interpretation. I myself conduct statistical analyses, have used it, and have found its comprehensiveness and clarity to be outstanding.”

Joan Bissell, Ed.D.
Director, Teacher Education and Public School Programs Office of the Chancellor California State University

“One of the elements of IS that caught my attention was the “narrative analysis” of the numerical output of statistical procedures. In terms of levels of learning, synthesis is far more difficult than analysis. With SPSS, we had to climb the theoretical mountains of “research design” and “statistical analysis.” Then we had to climb the procedural mountains to put plans into practice. Then we had to climb the interpretative mountain (What do the print-outs mean? What in all that mass of output is important to my study?). Finally, after having scaled these educational mountains, my students faced the highest mountain of all — how do I put all of this together in a new project on my own?

From what I have seen in the examples, there will still be mountains to climb — the languages must be masters — but using IS appears to be more intuitive and straightforward than SPSS. Best of all, the explanation generated by IS will be easier for students to interpret (analysis) than writing a meaningful explanation from scratch (synthesis). I want my students to do credible designs and analyses, but I’ve never expected them to become statisticians. My goal is to provide students the best statistical tools possible for conducting meaningful research in their major. I believe IS will allow this to happen more effectively and with less wasted effort.

I have taught graduate level research design and statistical analysis (Educational Research) for 35 years: 31 at Southwestern Bapt Theological Seminary (School of Educational Ministries) here in Fort Worth, where I live, and for the last 4 at New Orleans BTS. NOBTS has just created a new EdD degree and I am teaching courses (Master’s and doctoral) in Research and Statistics to support their dissertation research. Foundations of Education is my field (principles of teaching, educational psychology, philosophy of education, teaching ministry of the church). So I see IS as a real partner in helping ministerial students connect credible data collection with appropriate data analysis and interpretation of results.”

Dr. Rick Yount
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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