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Intellectus Statistics re-imagines quantitative statistical analysis education. Decades of fitting courses around generic software and students leaving courses with subpar data analysis skills is dead. We imagine and build software around what teachers teach, how students learn, and how graduate students analyze data for their theses and dissertations. Intellectus statistics will continue to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly, affordable statistics software application geared specifically for undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students. Intellectus Statistics has the global needs of students in mind when providing our cloud-based statistical app for non-statisticians.

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Intellectus Statistics™ (US Patent No. 9,792,283) is an innovative tool in a long history of the educational and data science technologies.  Common statistics packages allow users to conduct statistical tests and be provided with raw output—Intellectus does too.  However, Intellectus’ innovation is in the preprocessing of data, interpreting of output, and the viewing and reporting of findings in English prose.   Intellectus can be used in educational institutions, integrated into survey platforms, or customized for industry-specific analyses and reporting needs.

7 Potential Consequences of using Intellectus Statistics

A few key benefits of including Intellectus can be expected as part of a learner-centered curriculum.

  1. Speed:  After students master the skill of determining the appropriate analysis, the use of Intellectus will allow students to conduct, interpret, and draft results quickly.
  2. Leaping hurdles:  Without technology like Intellectus, it may be impossible for students who have few skills and little understanding to conduct and interpret analyses in a meaningful way. Intellectus allows these students to product undergraduate projects, theses and dissertations with meaningful and accurate analyses, and scholarly interpretation of those analyses.
  3. Realism: Instructors are limited to simple statistics that fit students’ knowledge.  Now, they can use multivariate, inferential statistics that best suit the research question at hand.
  4. Mastery of Skills:  Intellectus can facilitate the development of important skills.  Students can use sophisticated built-in tutorials and scroll-overs to interactively learn about each analysis as they conduct it, and help develop their skills.
  5. Increase confidence and improve attitudes towards statistics.  Most students are not confident in their ability to conduct and understand statistics, and many fear statistics courses.  Expect that students will have more confidence in successfully conducting and interpreting data analyses.
  6. Cover more material:  Expect to cover twice as much material compared to traditional software with a more user-friendly, intuitive tool.
  7. Improved student achievement:  Expect students to significantly outperform traditional students in statistical understanding compared to using other software.

Expect that the use of Intellectus will allow students to experiment using different models, improve their data analytic skills, and to better grasp the understanding of their analyses.

Given the tools’ functionality, Intellectus is ideal for introductory and intermediate statistics courses at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels.  The tool’s ease-of-use solves the problem for those in intro stats courses where too often the course failure rate is very high, leading to low persistence and degree-seeker attrition.  Intellectus also solves the problem for those in applied doctoral programs where research is not the focus and where statistics is a small part of the curriculum (typically 1 course) results in students leaving with statistical reasoning deficiencies.

Students and institutions require a different solution: an application designed for learning.  Intellectus Statistics is affordable, cloud-based, with the breadth and depth of analyses, built-in tutorials, and interpreted English prose output.  Intellectus helps students and researchers rapidly understand their findings, and builds statistical competence and confidence.

View the video below, try Intellectus Statistics for Free, and call us with any questions or for a personalized demonstration.

Video Demonstration

Sample Output

Download sample output here. The editable word document will download to your browser.


“The California State University system has benefited substantially from doctoral candidates using Intellectus Statistics™ in their data analysis and interpretation. I myself conduct statistical analyses, have used it, and have found its comprehensiveness and clarity to be outstanding.”

Joan Bissell, Ed.D.
Director, Teacher Education and Public School Programs Office of the Chancellor California State University

“One of the elements of IS that caught my attention was the “narrative analysis” of the numerical output of statistical procedures. In terms of levels of learning, synthesis is far more difficult than analysis. With SPSS, we had to climb the theoretical mountains of “research design” and “statistical analysis.” Then we had to climb the procedural mountains to put plans into practice. Then we had to climb the interpretative mountain (What do the print-outs mean? What in all that mass of output is important to my study?). Finally, after having scaled these educational mountains, my students faced the highest mountain of all — how do I put all of this together in a new project on my own?

From what I have seen in the examples, there will still be mountains to climb — the languages must be masters — but using IS appears to be more intuitive and straightforward than SPSS. Best of all, the explanation generated by IS will be easier for students to interpret (analysis) than writing a meaningful explanation from scratch (synthesis). I want my students to do credible designs and analyses, but I’ve never expected them to become statisticians. My goal is to provide students the best statistical tools possible for conducting meaningful research in their major. I believe IS will allow this to happen more effectively and with less wasted effort.

I have taught graduate level research design and statistical analysis (Educational Research) for 35 years: 31 at Southwestern Bapt Theological Seminary (School of Educational Ministries) here in Fort Worth, where I live, and for the last 4 at New Orleans BTS. NOBTS has just created a new EdD degree and I am teaching courses (Master’s and doctoral) in Research and Statistics to support their dissertation research. Foundations of Education is my field (principles of teaching, educational psychology, philosophy of education, teaching ministry of the church). So I see IS as a real partner in helping ministerial students connect credible data collection with appropriate data analysis and interpretation of results.”

Dr. Rick Yount
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

“Dr. James Lani helped me tremendously with the data analysis of my Doctor of Nursing Practice project. In a matter of minutes, he was able to generate a meaningful report outlining the significance of my data in a seamless, streamlined fashion. He was extremely knowledgeable, expeditious, and helpful. Thank you for saving me from hours of work and providing me with a quality report for my project!”

Joni Kellams MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC
Doctor of Nursing Practice student at University of South Florida

“I used your software yesterday, it was so great, I got the exact results I got from SPSS. I wish someone introduced me to your site last month, before spending all my time on SPSS, and before spending two weeks writing my results section of my dissertation. I will share this site to my future students.”

Husain Ebrahim, PhD
University of Kansas

“The software, Intellectus Statistics, is absolutely incredible!  I have never seen anything like it.  The data that is inputted and analyzed is literally returned to you in full APA format.  The results were superior and the support is just unmatched.  Intellectus Statistics is 100% quality with impeccable service.  I am forever grateful and will be recommending them to ALL my colleagues and Professors.  Thank you so much!”

Robyn C. Ward
PhD Program, Rush University, Chicago, IL

“As a graduate school professor handling research I have recommended Intellectus as the tool of choice. They found it very easy to understand and have learned a lot on how results are analyzed and interpreted-the Intellectus way!”

Dr. Julito Pabriga
Dean, College of Business

“My students preferred Intellectus over SPSS. Even though they have free access to SPSS, they would rather pay $35 than have to struggle with the program. Plus, the explanations of the statistics have been of great assistance and of course they love the tables, figures, and having it presented in APA format.”

Dr. Allyn Byars, PhD
Angelo State University

“I wanted to share with you my doctoral nursing project poster in the works and the results sections using all intellectus software. Also, under acknowledgements I wanted to show my appreciation for all of your help along with Jeanine and Melissa’s help. The software really made me understand and interpret my findings easier.

I will be sure to mention this among all the faculty during my formal presentation later this month for future doctoral students and or students in a graduate level statistics course.

Thanks again!”

Marian Dam, ARNP, FNP-BC, CCTN
DNP Student

“You are the best!!! I truly mean that, you have made the task of analysis completely user friendly and understandable because of your Natural Language Format- with sincere gratitude and congratulations!!”

Cheri Mcmanus
New England College


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